Reaching out with Rainbows


Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti shared the following image on his public Facebook page today:


Beneath the image, Garcetti added a message to his constituents: “Rain is forecast for Los Angeles this week. In order to conserve water, we encourage Angelenos to turn off their outdoor sprinklers for the remainder of the week and for a few days after the rain. Please SHARE this news with your friends and neighbors.”

As of this posting, Garcetti’s message has twice as many Facebook shares as likes. It’s a rare pattern for Facebook, where most posts get more likes. It looks like people aren’t just appreciating the photo or showing their thanks for rain amid a serious drought. People are also sharing the underlying civic message.

Of course, whether or not people follow through on this message remains to be seen. Many Angelenos live in corporate managed apartment buildings, so we don’t have the power to follow through on this message. But we can share the message. It is spreading more widely than most of Garcetti’s posts. Seems like there is a lesson here for how elected leaders can use social media to promote civic responsibility.



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